State Institute Of Hotel Management Indore, M.P.

Affiliated to National Council for Hotel Management Noida , Sponsored by Madhya Pradesh Tourism Government of Madhya Pradesh

Vision & Mission


Training and skills development is perhaps one of the most important yet inadequately met needs of our country. Educational needs have undergone a sea change over the past decades and it is vital that we keep updated with these changes at the earliest. We are here to strive to anticipate the needs future and fulfill them. The motto of SIHM is making the future happen in the present.

There has never been a better time to be thinking of joining this dynamic industry where opportunities for young people to travel and climb the corporate ladder are excellent. The best part of this field is even a mediocre student in general studies can excel in no time. The global hospitality, travel and tourism industry is soon expected to employ 20% of the worlds working population. The industry exists in all countries and is expanding the rapid pace. There is a huge global shortage of well-groomed, skilled and committed people in this field. So the growth rate of an individual in this industry is comparatively much better than other fields. Another attractive part to work with hospitality and Tourism Industry is that it is so interesting that one does not feel that they are working.

I would like to congratulate all young aspirants for choosing this field and wish all the very best in future.



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